Ryan Patterson

Owner – Phoenix Sheds

Ryan’s Story

Ryan Patterson is the man behind the sheds.

Ryan founded Phoenix Sheds in 2009, after successfully running his family’s wheat and sheep enterprise based in Nyabing. Having lived and worked on farms all his life, Ryan knows the agricultural industry inside out and remains the driving force behind the company overseeing the direction of every project.

Phoenix Sheds is built on Ryan’s vision of trust, honesty and integrity.

Ryan created Phoenix Sheds to provide the modern-day farmer with a fully inclusive, quality, reliable shed building service. He instinctively understands the issues that farmers encounter while looking for the ideal shed;  from sourcing reliable suppliers to lack of product and land knowledge through to zero after sales support.

“Sourcing services like builders or plumbers is so challenging. Getting services to work on a farm is difficult.”

In recongnising the need for a full turn-key solution when buying a shed, including vital council approvals and earth works, Ryan is adamant that the shed has to be 100% fit for purpose to be a success. The answer lies in the way Phoenix provide a fully customisable service to suit each customer.

“Often a customer knows they need a shed, and that’s it. That’s where their knowledge ends. It’s our job at Phoenix to ask all the right questions to ensure we understand their farm, their land and the end goal.”

Ryan embraces innovation and he’s even created ‘sheds that think ahead’. His sheds are future proof because they are built to allow for any possible extensions and renewable energy fittings.

Uniquely qualified to advise on your shed requirements, Ryan knows exactly how to deliver what you need. After all, he’s been that farmer looking for someone reliable to build a shed to keep his equipment in good condition.

Contact us today for the most experienced and practical help in designing a building system for your needs.

What do we do?

We create the shed you need.


The most important question we ask of you. Why do you need a shed? And we listen. We hear you.
We use our background and expertise to advise on the ideal shed for your needs.

Where do we do it?

On your farm, in your backyard, wherever you need it, we can inspect the site area for you on request.
Based in WA we can build a shed anywhere in the Australia.

When do we do it?

As soon as you need it. We help you navigate the planning, approvals required
and earthworks needed so you can have it as soon as possible.

Who are we?

Phoenix founder Ryan Patterson was a farmer and has been building sheds for over 10 years.

Your Shed – Your way – ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA

With our Our Expertise!